39th EGOS Colloquium

Cagliari July 6 - 8 2023

What will the future look like? What awaits us? How do we imagine it? The world around us seems uncertain and dangerous.

Yet, let us be optimistic, every day we should understand that there is room for change. It is possible to build a better world. And each of us has a piece of that responsibility. Democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance and solidarity. Happiness, health, balance in life and work. We will achieve these goals. Each of us will be able to leave a mark, but only together will we be able to make a difference.

The 39th EGOS Colloquium in Cagliari is an invitation, a call to all European citizens to face the current challenges. There will be a lot to do, but together we will be able to act for the good of future generations, to safeguard democracy, encourage economic development, promote policies of peace, independence and safeguard the planet, suggest new ideals for living and working together.

Shaping our path in the name of freedom, imagination, social, environmental, economic, political and work well-being is possible. This is the legacy we want to leave to the next generations: a virtuous model for living respectfully in society and being happy.